5,700± Acres
New Listing
Titus County, Texas

Lake Monticello

ID: 52628
Status: New Listing
Price: $131,100,000
Acres: 5,700±
Price Per Acre: $23,000
Type: Ranches, Recreational Land, Undeveloped Land, Lakefront
City, State: Mount Pleasant, Texas
County: Titus
ZIP Code: 75455
Presented By: Cash McWhorter


PROPERTY OVERVIEW:   Discover an unparalleled opportunity awaiting at Lake Monticello, one of Texas’ largest privately owned lakes. Envision owning a recreational paradise that surpasses all of your dreams, nestled amidst pristine pine and hardwood forest. This property offers a rare opportunity for those looking to dream big. This is not just a lake or a ranch, but a canvas upon which dreams are transformed into reality.

At the heart of these unique 5,700+/- acres lies Lake Monticello - an expansive 2,001+/-acre body of water enveloped by 17+/- miles of idyllic lake frontage. Adding to the uniqueness, is an additional 1.9 miles of lake frontage on Lake Bob Sandlin, providing the one and only piece of property with access to both iconic lakes. Property includes water rights authorizing the impoundment and diversion of water for multiple uses. With a sprawling 36+/- square-mile drainage basin, Lake Monticello is a picturesque retreat creating a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and developers alike. 

Imagine the potential of 5,700+/- acres of prime real estate waiting to be sculpted into your vision of perfection. Whether you dream of creating a private recreational haven, a luxurious waterfront resort, a commercial business use, or an exclusive residential enclave, this property offers the canvas on which to craft your masterpiece.

Joining the variety this property has to offer, progressing north away from the lake edge, one will find a dramatic array of additional lakes, manicured pastures and handpicked timber corridors. This land was once mined for lignite coal and has since been reclaimed by the current owner, who has won a national award for their reclamation efforts. The land boasts an impressive 18 additional lakes ranging in size from 1 to 43+/- acres. This accounts for almost 222+/- acres of additional surface water, opening an expanse of recreational opportunities. The property is located within 3 miles from Interstate 30 and a railroad runs adjacent to it.



Lake Monticello

2,001±  Acres

Trophy Bass Lake

66±  Acres

Development Acreage

1,043±  Acres

Award-Winning Reclamation Land

 (including 222± acres of additional surface water in 18 ponds and lakes)

2,590±  Acres


5,700±  Acres

In an area known to locals as the Tri-Lakes area, adjacent and downstream from Lake Monticello, is Lake Bob Sandlin, spanning 9,000 surface acres, while Lake Cypress Springs sits approximately six miles southwest of Lake Monticello. Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is nestled between Lake Monticello and Lake Cypress Springs, further enhancing the region’s recreational appeal.

LOCATION:  Lake Monticello is located just under two hours east of downtown Dallas and one hour west of Texarkana by way of Interstate 30. Spanning two counties within the Piney Woods Region of Texas, Lake Monticello is conveniently located just ~7 miles southwest of Mount Pleasant, a thriving East Texas community with a population over 16,000. At the southern border of the property, Monticello Dam is located south of the convergence of Blundell Creek and Smith Creek in the Cypress River Basin. Lake Bob Sandlin is located immediately downstream of Monticello Dam.

But it's not just the location that sets Lake Monticello apart—it's the history and the potential it holds. From its origins as a cooling reservoir for the Monticello power plant to its transformation into a beloved fishing hotspot, this lake has a rich legacy waiting to be continued.

DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL:  The lake boasts 17+/- miles of undeveloped shoreline including 7.69+/- miles that could potentially be developed. The property serves as a blank canvas for diverse opportunities. Ownership uses can range from a private recreational area, hunting or fishing club, a variety of commercial uses, a corporate facility, individual family residences, a leisure getaway, or even a resort-style development. There is also 1.24 miles of Lake Bob Sandlin frontage that could be developed.

ACCESS & ROAD FRONTAGE:  Lake Monticello is easily accessible from both the northeast and the southwest by way of FM-127, which crosses the lake for through traffic. There is paved FM or county road access to most sides of the property on 6 different roadways with 18+ entry points.

A potentially active feeder rail line is running along the eastern side of the lake, opening opportunistic commercial uses.

DIRECTIONS:  Traveling east from Dallas on Interstate 30, take exit #156, turn south onto CR 2500/SW 19th Street, then turn right onto FM-127 until you arrive at the lake.

Traveling west from Texarkana on Interstate 30, turn south onto Highway 271, then turn right onto FM-127 until you reach the lake.

FM-127 crosses Lake Monticello for easy access from multiple locations.

PROPERTY HISTORY:  In 1971, the Texas Utilities Electric Company initiated the construction of the Lake Monticello dam, impounding waters from Blundell Creek and Smith Creek in the Cypress River Basin to form Lake Monticello as a cooling reservoir for the former Monticello power plant. The plant was closed in 2018 and demolition is near completion.

The lake opened to the public in 1973 and swiftly became a fishing hotspot due to its warm waters, courtesy of the power plant, fostering a highly productive fishery. With the closure of the power plant in 2018, the lake’s warm water source ceased, yet its popularity for fishing, swimming, and recreation continued. Public access to boat ramps ceased in 2019. Privately owned, Lake Monticello stands poised for diverse utilization.

LAKE MONTICELLO:  Boasting an estimated depth of 38-40 feet at its deepest point, Lake Monticello is fed by Blundell Creek and Smith Creek in the Cypress River Basin. Renowned for its exceptional fishing, the lake also caters well to swimming, water skiing, kayaking, and other aquatic activities. Presently, the lake features a single functional boat ramp with paved turnaround access, a large parking area, and two floating docks.

The construction of a private lake and dam of similar proportions today would prove prohibitively challenging and exorbitantly expensive.

WILDLIFE:   Abundant wildlife can be found around Lake Monticello and the surrounding acreage. Hunting and viewing opportunities include White-tailed deer, pigs, armadillos, raccoons, rabbits, River otters, beavers, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and squirrels. A multitude of bird species include Great-horned owls, bald eagles, ospreys, robins, cardinals, herons, songbirds, shorebirds, and waterfowl.

FISHERIES:  With its historical reputation for yielding trophy bass, including the lake's record catch of 14.09 pounds, fishing enthusiasts regularly gravitated toward Lake Monticello's 2,001+/- acres. Sport fish species include Largemouth bass, Sand bass, Flathead catfish, Channel catfish, Bluegill, Redear sunfish, and crappie. Structural habitat is comprised of underwater roadbeds and bridges, humps, rip rap, inundated timber, brush, and creek channels. Aquatic vegetation consists of hydrilla, pond weed, lily pads and other aquatic vegetation providing ample cover for baitfish and gamefish alike.

Trophy Bass Lake (Discharge Channel):  While connected to the lake via a concrete dam that is higher in elevation than Lake Monticello, this 66+/- acre channel/lake provides two distinct bodies of water within the Lake Monticello drainage basin. This has the potential to be a separate managed fishery for trophy bass since water flows out of this body of water into Lake Monticello.   

Other Fisheries:  There are a total of 18 additional bodies of water ranging from 1-43+/- acres in size. Six of those bodies of water measure over 10+ acres, with the largest being 43+/- acres. These additional water assets provide an additional 222+ acres of surface water that could be utilized for recreational activities.

RECREATION:  The property’s versatility lends itself to an array of recreational pursuits, hiking, biking, UTV riding, horseback trail riding, camping, RV camping, bird watching, nature studies, kayaking, water skiing, hunting, and fishing.

The area in and around Lake Monticello is home to various wildlife populations with excellent hunting opportunities for deer, hogs, dove, and waterfowl. No hunting has been allowed under the current ownership for more than four decades.

WATER RIGHTS:  Perhaps most enticing of all are the water rights—a precious commodity in today's world, especially in Texas. The owner was granted a Certificate of Adjudication, which authorizes the maintenance of the existing dam and reservoir and impound therein not to exceed 40,100 acre-feet of water. The owner is authorized to divert 15,300 acre-feet of water per annum for industrial, domestic, municipal, agricultural & recreational use from the aforesaid reservoir. Additional water rights may be available for purchase.

MONTICELLO DAM:   Characterized by a 3,215-foot long, zoned earthen embankment that maintains a Low Hazard classification per the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

A dam inspection conducted by Freese and Nichols was completed in December 2023. The full report containing specific details concerning maintenance and repair recommendations, can be made available to pre-qualified buyers upon request. In 2018, the gates were opened one foot to equalize the lake level with Lake Bob Sandlin, and they remain in the open position.

Monticello Dam has a Large dam classification due to its capacity exceeding 50,000-acre feet. It has a Conservation Pool Capacity of 40,100-acre feet and Crest of Dam Capacity of 69,100-acre feet (per the Freese & Nichols 2023 Report).

Dam Specifications:

  • Maximum Height: 54 feet above the original streambed
  • Embankment Side Slopes: 3 horizontal to 1 vertical
  • Crest Elevation: 352 feet
  • Crest of the Embankment: 40 feet wide
  • Upstream Slope: protected by soil cement extending from the crest down to a 50-foot-wide upstream berm at an elevation of 325’ (15’ below the normal water level).
  • Downstream slope: inundated by the tailwater of Lake Bob Sandlin, which has a normal pool elevation of 337.5’.

PRIMARY & EMERGENCY SPILLWAYS:  Four 14-foot high by 40-foot wide radial Tainter gates control discharges through a 184-foot wide (including three 8-foot piers) concrete service spillway. The top elevation of the spillway gates in the closed position is 342 feet and the crest of the service spillway is 328 feet. The normal pool elevation is 340 feet. A 30-inch diameter low flow outlet, with a flowline elevation of 319 feet, is in the center pier of the service spillway.

A 1,000-foot-wide uncontrolled earthen grassed emergency spillway, with a crest elevation of 343.5 feet, is located approximately 1,200 feet west of the right abutment of the embankment. (Freese & Nichols 2023 Dam Inspection Report)

TERRAIN:  The sandy loam soil terrain has elevation differentials of approximately 167 feet, ranging from 335 feet above sea level at its lowest to 502 feet above sea level at its highest. The property features meandering creeks and drainages nourishing the land and wildlife.

TREE COVER & PASTURELAND:   Embrace the tranquil ambiance of the mature hardwood canopy surrounding Lake Monticello. Majestic oak, hickory, pine and maple adorn the banks, creating a landscape that beckons to be explored. Native grasses thrive along the upstream and downstream embankments of the dam. Areas reclaimed from mining efforts have been meticulously designed, planned and cared for, creating a multitude of ecosystems throughout the property. Hardwood varieties have been intentionally planted across the landscape to form contiguous corridors for wildlife, while Loblolly pines planted in the upland terrain promise future income potential. This diversity fosters a well-balanced ecosystem, enriching both wildlife habitats and  the experience for new owners.

WETLANDS:  The north side of Lake Monticello, the shallower end of the lake, sustains a wetland ecosystem where waterfowl flock in the winter months. A shallow water oasis adorned with cattail, bulrush, smartweed, and water lilies creates a haven for birds, turtles, frogs and other reptiles to come alive as the sun wanes.

MINERALS:  A portion of this property was previously mined for coal and lignite.  No minerals are believed to be owned by the Seller, and none will be conveyed.

During the current ownership of more than 40 years, there has been no oil/gas activity in the area, and there are no producing wells on the property.

STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS:  There are no major structural improvements located on the property.

EASEMENTS/RIGHT-OF-WAYS:  There is one access easement outside of the property boundary into the property’s southeast side to access the east side of the dam and the land bridge on the east side of the lake. Another access easement will exist to access the railroad bridge where it crosses Smith Creek. Residential and transmission lines intersect and traverse various points of the property. 

UTILITIES:  Transmission lines traverse the length of the property connecting to a substation located on adjacent property. Co-op Water is provided by Tri Special Utility District. Power is provided by Bowie Cass Co-Op and Wood County Electric Co-Op.

There are multiple access points off Interstate 30 within 3 miles of the property. The adjacent railroad has the ability to connect to the Union Pacific, Blacklands Prairie, and Kansas City Southern main lines.

WATER:  The property is located over the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer, one of Texas' most prolific aquifers. There are multiple water wells located across the property.

AIRPORTS:  Enjoy convenient access to regional airports, ensuring seamless travel for you and your guests. With airports such as Mount Pleasant Regional Airport and Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport located within a reasonable distance, you'll have easy access to major transportation hubs.

Mount Pleasant Regional Airport (KOSA). Located ~8 miles west of Monticello Lake off of HWY 271, Lat: N.33 05.7 Lon: W. 094 57.6. The runway measures 6,004’ long by 100’ wide with a full-length parallel taxiway. Fuel: Jet A & 100LL.

Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport (KSLR). Located ~37 miles West of Monticello Lake off of I-30, 33°09′35″N 095°37′16″W. The runway measures 5001’ long by 75' wide. Fuel: Jet A & 100LL, Self Service & Full Service.

Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK). Located ~74 northeast of Lake Monticello near the intersection of I-30 & I-49 in Arkansas. The primary runway measures 6,601’ by 144’ wide, and a second runway measures 5,200’ long by 100’ wide. Fuel: Jet A & 100LL, Self Service and Full Service.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Located ~141 miles west of Lake Monticello in Grapevine, Texas.

HOSPITALS: Titus Regional Medical Center is located in the nearby town of Mount Pleasant. This full-service, 24-hour hospital is just 8 miles away from Lake Monticello.

SCHOOL DISTRICTS:  The property traverses two east Texas school districts.  Starting at the northwest side is Mount Vernon ISD and the southern portion of the property being Mount Pleasant ISD. 

With quality airports, healthcare and educational facilities nearby, Lake Monticello offers the perfect balance of tranquility and convenience.

PROPERTY TAXES:  A portion of the property has property tax exemptions. Ask Broker for details.

PRICE: $131,100,000 ($23,000 per acre)


Cash McWhorter, Broker/Partner, 469-222-4076

Stephen Schwartz, Agent, 903-738-7882

Casey Berley, ALC, Broker, 214-422-7253

BROKER & COMMISSION DISCLOSURE: Buyer's Agent/Broker must be identified upon first contact with Listing Broker/Listing Agent, and Buyer's Agent/Broker must be present at the initial property tour to participate in the real estate commission. Co-operating brokers/agents are being offered a 1% commission based on the gross sales price.

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  • dove
  • geese
  • waterfowl
  • whitetail deer


  • atv trails
  • bike trails
  • bird watching
  • fishing
  • hiking trails
  • hunting
  • watersports

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