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I met Blake Hortenstine years before I sold my ranch in Stephens County. From the time I met him, I knew he would be my only call if I ever decided to sell. When the time came, I made the call and Blake proved that the intuition I had was correct as Hortenstine Ranch Company exceeded my expectations in all areas. Blake included Jack Fauntleroy who also exceeded expectations. Their overall knowledge, attention to details, marketing materials and videos, service, communication, and ability to navigate a complicated deal are bar none. They did an outstanding job throughout the entire process. For me, anything ranch related in my future will always include Hortenstine Ranch Company.

Once again, thank you Blake and Jack for a great experience and a great Job!

Rob Felton, Fort Worth, Texas

My company was faced with the unlikely task of purchasing property in rural Texas. Our company is 164 years old and has always tried to open workshops in the countryside just as our founder did when he opened his first workshop outside of Paris in 1860. This was a first for me. Although I am a native Texan, I had no experience as to how to approach this. I have to say that I became the luckiest guy in the world the day I called Hortenstine Ranch Company. Casey Berley and Cash McWhorter jumped into this task with all four feet. Within two months, not only had we found a property that everyone loved, we had negotiated the terms and conditions. In May of 2019, we will open a 100,000 square foot workshop south of Ft. Worth and will be employing well over 250 Texans. We could not have done it without Casey and Cash and Hortenstine Ranch Company.

John Slavinsky, Senior Vice President, Louis Vuitton

Bret Polk and Blake Hortenstine worked diligently to find us the perfect ranch. Our expectations were high and the list of requirements were long. After a few short months Bret found us the perfect property; we knew the moment we went through the gate that we were “home.” Bret continues to be our first phone call when we have questions and his guidance on ways we can improve our property is priceless. The friendship we have developed along the way makes it easy to say Hortenstine Ranch Company will be the only ranch real estate brokers we will use and recommend to our friends and acquaintances.

Cynthia and Scott Prince, Rock Away Ranch, Hamilton County

Chance Turner is a star amongst Real Estate agents, and I have used a lot in my life, a whole lot. He caught my attention through his unique marketing efforts in trying to introduce himself on my 1000-acre ranch just south of Dallas in Henderson County. We did not list our property with him but agreed to let him show it off-market, with viable buyers only. Chance kept in touch but was not a bother, he did not push to list the property but kept us up to speed on the market. He brought 3 buyers in total over a 7-month period, the 3rd buyer made a fulsome offer that we accepted. Even with a great offer Chance and HRC listed the property just in case the deal did not go through. As a side note Chance found us another place off the market, exactly what we wanted, that we closed on 7 days after selling our ranch in Henderson County. This other transaction took A LOT of patience and perseverance as the seller was a challenge, but Chance handled and guided us to closing very professionally.

I would HIGHLY recommend Chance to anyone looking for an earnest, smart, professional, and hard-working agent. And of course, will use him again to buy or sell any property I have.

Peter & Michelle Bernard

I cannot think of a higher recommendation I could possibly give someone! Steve worked with us patiently for almost 18 months to find the right property. At the end of the journey, he found an off-market ranch that is absolutely Colorado in Texas, with a pristine 42 acre, 90' ft deep private lake.

This guy is just a fantastic human being, and he knows his stuff. Being a "City Slicker", I learned something new just about every day from Steve as he's an agricultural engineer as well. He guided us the entire time and kept us from making mistakes; although he knew the advice would cost him a commission. After we purchased the ranch, he's still involved helping us with advice, contractors and anything else we need. He has become a great friend through the process and I just can't say enough good things about him!

If you're looking for a ranch and the perfect realtor, you need to call Stephen Schwartz!!

Bruce Thompson, CEO/Founder CarOffer

I had a great experience with Hortenstine Ranch Company broker Casey Berley. As a licensed real estate broker, I thought I could do it myself, but thankfully I hired Casey and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Casey saved me much more time than I ever imagined and his land expertise saved me a whole lot more money than his fee. I look forward to working with Casey again.

Jeff Staubach

When I decided to sell my ranch, I interviewed several ranch realtors. I was impressed with Hortenstine Ranch Company LLC, Dallas, particularly with owner Blake Hortenstine and partner Cash McWhorter. I could tell these were ranch-savvy guys who understand what investments add value and which are not likely to have much of a payoff. There were some things I needed to do on the ranch in order for me to pocket the most money with the sell. I was comfortable that they wanted to help me get the most value from our sale and not just have me spend money with no return.

We drew up a list of improvements and prioritized what absolutely needed to be done, what would be nice to do and what I could do without. It was a real business process. I was not just throwing darts on the wall. What I appreciated about Blake and Cash is that they did not try to tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. In fact, they talked me out of some investments that they did not think had the potential for a major payoff. With their help I was able to sell my land for $400 an acre above the previous high bid for the ranch.

Kirk Rimer

Chance was fantastic to work with on the sale of our ranch in Anderson County. He was very knowledgeable about the area, the current market, and the aspects that were important to buyers, as he owns a ranch in that area. He and his team put together a great plan to sell our ranch and I appreciated his thoughtful approach throughout the entire selling process. Chance was always very responsive to any of our questions or suggestions and he was honest and attentive to all details in a timely manner. He was able to go out and find the perfect buyer and we had it under contract in a short timeframe at a great price.

Without a doubt I would work with Chance again should the opportunity arise and I can wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone looking to sell their ranch.

Lance Gasch

Bret Polk of the Hortenstine Ranch Company is a remarkable real estate broker. If you value conscientiousness, effectiveness, and integrity, you should seriously consider working with Bret Polk. In my decades of experience working with real estate professionals, Bret is among the very best.

My wife’s grandparents owned and operated a farm in Clifton, Texas which consisted of just over 1,000 acres in Bosque County. After they passed, the farm was owned by 5 related people who each lived in a different state and the property was being farmed by a tenant farmer.

Bret is an honorable man who knows his business. After going out to the farm and seeing it with his own eyes, he provided us with accurate information about the property and the market, so that we could establish a realistic price for the property. His knowledge of farm properties is far beyond that of the ordinary agent. Bret dealt very well with the tenant farmer, getting him to cooperate with showing and selling the farm.

He pointed out areas where the property could be improved at a reasonable price, to make the farm more attractive to Buyers. Then, he helped find local people who could do that work for the Sellers.

Throughout this transaction, Bret kept his word, which in my experience is not always the case. He was reasonable in the requested repairs, and the cost of these repairs was recovered at the close of escrow.

Bret’s marketing materials very clearly described the farm which helped to raise the interest of potential Buyers. His wise counsel and knowledge of the market kept the process moving. Each time offers came in, Bret clearly explained the terms to all 5 sellers. He was extremely patient and rational with each of the Sellers, answering their questions and helping them to understand the process. Bret is a Master of Communication, keeping all parties informed of all developments as well as explaining the implications of their decisions. Bret was always quick to call, text or email all parties whenever there were issues to be discussed and when necessary he called us back promptly. We also observed that Bret dealt with all potential Buyers and their representatives in a very professional manner.

Disagreement between the five owners unfolded as one faction changed their minds about selling. Bret’s knowledgeable and calming approach kept the parties on track. Ultimately, it was decided that the farm needed to be partitioned into two approximately equal pieces, and one-half of the property was sold by those who wanted to sell. The family differences could have been the end of the transaction if it were not for Bret’s fair and even-handed approach. As it turned out, Bret generated several solid offers and guided us to a better deal than we had been expected. Everyone involved was ultimately satisfied with the outcome. Bret successfully led this herd of cats through a maze of many obstacles. He was the hero in our transaction. Without his help, this escrow would never have closed!

To provide credibility to this letter, you should know that I have been a real estate broker since 1983 and a real estate lawyer since 1991. My experience includes personal involvement in literally thousands of real estate transactions with brokers from across the country, as well as teaching real estate broker courses at a community college. Prior to this transaction, I had never met Bret. Bret is one of the very best agents I have ever encountered. He has earned this praise many times over! There are hundreds of agents who would love to list your property or help you find one to buy, but there are very few who have the expertise, the understanding of the process, and the temperament to get the job done for your benefit. This is an honorable man who is very capable of helping you with your most difficult real estate transaction.

After seeing Bret in action, I have no reservations in strongly recommending Bret Polk as your real estate agent in any land/farm transaction. If you wish to discuss our experience dealing with Bret, please feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to discuss how grateful we are that we selected Bret Polk to represent our interests in the sale of the family farm. He is among the very best agents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Do yourself a favor; give Bret a chance to help you with your real estate needs! You’ll be glad you did!

Steven J. Zipperman

We feel extremely fortunate to have engaged Casey Berley and Stephen Schwartz of Hortenstine Ranch Company in the sale of our country property. Throughout the entire process both worked diligently providing expert assistance and guidance. In particular, Stephen took amazing photography of our property which attracted many potential buyers throughout the entire region. In addition, his ability to showcase the property and answer inquiries far exceeded our expectations in every respect. We would strongly recommend him to anyone who may be looking to sell or purchase a ranch property. He has our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

Tony and Marsha Watts

Looking for a Ranch?

Wanting to sell a Ranch?

Call Jack Fauntleroy.

I called Jack on one of his listings, but it had already sold. Jack asked me what kind of property I was looking for, and then he listened carefully. A few months later he called to say he had the perfect property that had the criteria I had requested. And it did!! Over and above.

Having worked with many real estate agents over the years, I put Jack at the top of my list for his professionalism and desire to finding the right property for your needs.

Even after the transaction was completed, Jack took it one more step further, connecting me to the right people to insure ranch success.

Pam Benson, Restaurant Entrepreneur

A search for the perfect ranch can be a long and frustrating process, especially when searching for a ranch that meets both strict criteria and stays within a specified budget. As someone who does not have a lot of free time, I needed a broker who could provide candor, efficiency, and respect for my time.

When my family decided to look for a ranch three years ago, we chose Cash McWhorter. He began by providing us with an extensive list of ranches currently on the market, along with his detailed thoughts of why each ranch may or may not meet our criteria. We were able to tour several ranches in a short amount of time. At the conclusion of our first set of tours, we were told not to get discouraged, as purchasing a ranch is a process. A process, that due to Cash’s vast knowledge, in-depth insights, and enduring patience, was effortless and enjoyable for both me and my family. His comprehensive land knowledge, extensive real estate experience, and ability to provide us with a detailed ranch improvement plan with a corresponding budget were absolutely priceless.

With his unmatched service, he has also remained available after the transaction for assistance with guidance in completion of our ranch improvements, ensuring maximum resale potential. After working so closely with Cash for an extended period of time, I can say that he is not only my broker, but he is now my friend and a part of our family. For anyone looking to buy or sell a ranch in Texas or Oklahoma, it is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation to Cash McWhorter and Hortenstine Ranch Company.

Doug Saar, Tyler, TX

I am a licensed Texas real estate broker specializing in the shopping center industry with personal investments in farm and ranch properties. My parents were residential realtors, so I have been involved in real estate my entire life. Chance caught my eye when he called me inquiring about one of my ranch investments that I was marketing; he just had a great phone presence. Even though I had successfully sold all my other ranches, I decided to list my primary ranch with Chance and did an amazing job with the listing and the sale. He knows how to effectively market farm and ranch properties, then has the expertise to get it closed. He understands the importance of specializing in a market and is an expert in the East Texas market. I would highly recommend him.

Randy Holcombe, Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker - Farm and Ranch Investor

Our experience with Stephen could not have been better. From our initial meeting, through the closing process, Stephen went above and beyond to ensure we had a pleasant experience. This was our first major land purchase and the transaction was not straightforward, given the seller was a company and not an individual owner. There were expected and unexpected delays, but Stephen always communicated in a timely and transparent manner, to help us understand and digest each step of the process. He worked extremely well as a liaison between us, the seller and Texas Farm Credit, and it was clear he’s established strong relationships on all fronts that were crucial to the success of the transaction. We certainly did not walk away from the purchase with just a great broker, but a friendship was formed. We highly recommend Stephen.

Kendra Garroutte

I worked with HRC for some time to find the perfect place. Blake and the HRC team were extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient during the entire process. Closing went off without ANY problems and we actually were able to close early. Would highly recommend as buyer (or seller) Rep.

Vincent M Kickirillo

My wife and I were in search of a combination hunting ranch/weekend get-a-way so contacted Cash McWhorter with Hortenstine Ranch Company. I found the team at HRC to be very diligent and professional. They took the time to understand what we were looking for and what we could afford to spend.

We ultimately found “the place”, which was made up of four different contiguous properties, three of which were for sale and one that was not, making it a very complex transaction. Dealing with four different sellers certainly had its challenges, but the team at HRC helped us navigate through the process, knowing when to push and when to be patient.

We got all four deals closed and we could not be happier. The knowledge and expertise of the HRC team proved to be invaluable in our search for ranch property. I highly recommend you give them a call. Not only will you be delighted with their work product, I bet you make some friends for life.

Chad and Amy Crow

I highly recommend Casey Berley with Hortenstine Ranch Company; he is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in every aspect of their business. I had searched for over a year for recreational ranch land to purchase with no success, but through his vast listing resources and network of brokers he was able to find me the perfect piece of property that actually exceeded my expectations. Casey has given me excellent service before, during, and after the sale. He has provided real estate brokerage services in five transactions both on the buying and selling side with success. Unlike some brokers who leave as soon as you sign the papers, Casey has walked me through the contract process protecting my personal interests as well as the finance process, and has been quite instrumental in providing me with solid advice. He even recommended consultants who could help manage my properties.

A.E. Chandler

Chance Turner worked with us to sell our family’s ranch in Henderson County. From the onset, Chance was attentive to our needs and displayed the utmost professionalism. He provided very comprehensive market analysis to help us analyze a myriad of factors that were associated with the potential sale of the ranch. Through Chance’s guidance, high motor and experience, we were able to sell our ranch before ever making it to the market. I highly recommend Chance Turner with Hortenstine Ranch Company. While the decision to sell our ranch was a difficult one, working with Chance made the process easy and enjoyable.

Ronald L. DeFord

Thank you so much for all you did to sell our ranch. I have been in the real estate and construction industry for 40 years and am rarely surprised by Brokers and Agents. However, I am totally surprised by you and Hortenstine Ranch Company. Your persistence in soliciting my business was remarkable. I recall telling you that I finally decided to engage your services just to get you to quit calling me. All joking aside, the attention you gave to me and Kerry before and after listing our property was second to none.

Selling our ranch was a very conflicted and emotional decision. You understood and empathized with our difficulties. Never pushy and at all times respectful of our feelings, you helped navigate us through the entire process. Your detailed property research assured we understood the market and convinced us to list our ranch at a price higher than we had planned. You exceeded our expectations at every turn and we will both be forever grateful. Rest assured, we will call on you first for all future ranch acquisitions.

Thank you again for your great service and for bringing results beyond our expectations.

Jeff & Kerry Avery

Casey provided valuable support to me and my wife during the sale of our 466+ acre ranch in Tyler, Texas. He was an advisor, agent and consultant all wrapped into one. He was extremely thorough and brought additional professional resources to the table when necessary. His knowledge and experience during negotiations added quantitative value and we will definitely choose Casey for all future ranch deals in Texas.

Jamie Jeffers