10,298± Acres

Comanche Crest Ranch

ID: 513
Status: Sold 2021
Acres: 10,298±
City, State: Throckmorton, Texas
County: Throckmorton
ZIP Code: 76483
Presented By: Blake Hortenstine
Taxes: $8,449


Property Description: The 10,298 acre Comanche Crest Ranch presents one of the best large acreage, cattle and recreational ranches in the Rolling Plains. Once known as the Box Springs Ranch, the ranch is a perfect square shape in one contiguous block of land; 16 sections. The elevation changes with a big ridge system traversing the SE portion of the ranch. The "Crest" on this ranch drains water in two different directions and served as a lookout location for native Americans. This cattle ranch is productive short grass prairie land with a strong limestone base. There are 5 large pastures with two interior traps that are connected with a fenced lane. This ranch is perfectly setup for rotational grazing with good perimeter and cross fences in place. There are minimal improvements other than fencing, stock tanks, 6 wildlife food plots, road system and completed brush work. There are no barns or permanent homes on this property.

Location: Comanche Crest is located in western Throckmorton County between the towns of Throckmorton and Haskell. The ranch is on the south side of Highway 380 only 10+/- miles west of Throckmorton and 20+/- miles east of Haskell. The ranch entrance is located in the NE corner of property. Comanche Crest Ranch is located approximately 168 miles from Dallas (3 hour drive), approximately 136 miles from Fort Worth (2 hour 30 minute drive), and approximately 203 +/- miles (3 hours drive) to Midland.

Directions: From Throckmorton, take US Highway 380 west. Stay on Highway 380 for approximately 10 miles. You will drive through a flashing yellow light at the intersection with FM 222 (stay left), continue on Highway 380 and the main ranch gate will be on your left approximately 1.85 miles after the light. Two other landmarks you will pass are a "SMS" made out of stones on the north side of the road for the old Swenson Ranch. About a mile further you will see a large steel statue of a longhorn. The entrance is approximately 1 mile west of the longhorn.

From Haskell, take US Highway 380 east for 22 miles, drive approximately 20 minutes and the main gate will be on your right side, if you reach the flashing yellow light at FM 222 you have gone too far. There will also be a "For Sale" sign near the entrance to the ranch and a small sign on the entrance gate.

Terrain: The terrain of Comanche Crest Ranch is consistent with that of the Throckmorton area and the greater eastern Rolling Plains region of Texas. Rolling topography of moderate slope, covered with mesquite trees make up a large portion of the ranch. Elevation ranges from 1,650' above sea level at the main gate to 1,475' at the southwest corner of the property. Spectacular views of surrounding West Texas country can be seen from the southeastern portion of the ranch; ridgelines, draws, and rolling terrain allow the rancher, hunter or wildlife photographer unobstructed views for miles.

Creeks: There are multiple creeks and drainages running through the ranch. The "Crest", located in the Southwest portion of the property has high elevations with water draining NW or SE in opposite directions. The headwaters of Ranger Creek starts below the ridge in the Southeastern portion of the ranch. All drainages running Northwest of the Crest form the headwaters of North Paint Creek (ultimately a major creek). North Elm Creek also starts on the property and runs north crossing Highway 380 feeding a large lake on the Swenson Ranch. These riparian areas provide seasonal pools of water and a more diverse plant community.

Surface Water: Twenty-six (26) stock tanks scattered throughout the property help facilitate rotational grazing and attract wildlife. The largest tank is approximately 3-4 acres when full. Each pasture is adequately watered for running cattle. Water levels will fluctuate depending upon the amount of rainfall.

Water: Throckmorton County experiences on average of 26.46 inches of rain annually. Ground water is spotty in this area, but a shallow 80' water well was drilled in 2010 on the neighboring ranch to the North/ Northwest of the subject property. This well is said to yield 15-20 GPM with 10 foot drawdown after .5 hours. Ft. Griffin Special Utility District has a water line going west of Throckmorton. This line ends 6.1+/- miles from Comanche Crest. Rural water coming from the west is provided by Paint Creek Water Supply (Haskell, TX), but the line ends approximately 12.7 miles from the ranch. Cost and availability of expanding rural water lines would be determined by filling out an application and having an engineer review. Water catchment systems and hauling fresh water are other good options to provide water for household use. This is big ranch country with little to no population in the immediate area.

Grasses: Comanche Crest Ranch is home to a variety of native grasses beneficial for cattle and wildlife. These cattle food sources include sideoats grama, indiangrass, sandhill lovegrass, big bluestem, little bluestem, eastern gamagrass, curly mesquite, and a variety of other grasses.

Soils: Soils on the ranch are dominated by the Lueders-Throck complex, Nukrum clay loam, Nuvalde clay loam, Lueders-Springcreek complex, and Rodewn clay loam.

Trees and Browse: Tree cover consists primarily of mesquite, hackberry, and a few elm trees. Browse and brush species beneficial to wildlife are catclaw, bumelia, elbowbrush, lime prickly ash. There is also prickly pear cactus and other plants common to this area.

Wildlife: Wildlife is believed to be in very good to excellent condition. The hunting lessee intensively managed the ranch with selective harvest, protein/ corn/ milo feeding program, and other recommended practices. In the 2016 season, a buck scoring in the low 170 B&C class was harvested and numerous bucks in the 150-160 B&C class have been harvested over the years. Quail have been lightly hunted and populations are exceptional. There are also good populations of turkey during the spring and summer months. Dove hunting can be exceptional over food plots with native sunflowers as well as around the stock tanks. There are coyotes, bobcats, feral hogs, and other varmints. Some of the stock tanks are believed to be stocked with bass and other game fish. This is an exceptional hunting ranch with prime wildlife habitat.

December 2017 Helicopter Survey/ Deer Herd: The entire ranch was surveyed to better understand the deer herd. A total of 567 deer were observed (151 bucks, 280 does, and 136 fawns). Deer density was 18 acres per deer, buck: doe ratio was 1: 1.85, and the fawn crop was 48.5%. There were 16 older aged quality bucks and a lot of young 1 1/2 - 3 1/2 year old bucks with a lot of potential. This is typical for the area because of the past droughts and low fawn crops leaving a lack of 5 1/2 -6 1/2 year old deer. As the herd gets more age the number of trophy bucks will increase. The deer herd is positioned to improve substantially over the next few years, but it is currently in very good shape. There are quality trophy bucks on the ranch right now as seen in the photographs. There were also 48 coyotes counted, 156 hogs, 6 coveys of quail, and several hundred ducks.

Food Plots /Cultivation: Six (6) wildlife food plots are fenced and planted in wheat and sunflowers to provide September dove hunting and Fall deer hunting. The food plots range in size from 2.64+/- acres to 8.38+/- acres. The food plots are an excellent feature greatly enhancing hunting opportunities and wildlife management.

Cattle: This is a productive cattle ranch with a carrying capacity of 350-400 animal units. The ranch is adequately watered and appropriately fenced to promote rotational grazing. It is common in this area for ranchers to stock the land with an animal unit per 20-25 acres. Currently, the land is leased with a maximum of 500 animal units allowed. The soils are conducive to more cultivated land, but mesquite clearing would be necessary to accomplish this. Pastureland and grasses are currently in very good condition.

Brush Management: The grazing lessee has taken exceptional care of the ranch. Areas around both traps and the lane connecting them have been cleared of mesquite, enhancing cattle movement and rotational grazing opportunities. The pastures have not been overgrazed and the brush work has improved the ranch in several ways.

Fences & Cattle Pens: Perimeter and cross fences are in average to excellent condition and all fencing will hold cattle. Fences are a combination of steel posts and cedar posts with different stretches of each. A few cattle guards and typical pasture gap gates provide access throughout the property. There are 5 primary pastures with 2 traps and a lane connecting them making it easy to move cattle around. This ranch is really set up perfect with water in every pasture. Livestock pens are in good, workable condition and there is a Howe Richardson scale to weigh livestock with a 20-ton capacity.

Minerals:No Minerals are included. Owner is believed to own a small mineral interest. There is little oil and gas production on this ranch with wells on the periphery of the ranch besides one non-invasive, interior location. Alpha Gamma Onshore, LLC has one well on the east fence line in a location out of the way. It has two other wells together on the northern boundary located near the far western road frontage close to Highway 380. These wells were drilled in the last 10 years and are not currently producing. Romac Oil Co. has 2 wells in the middle portion of the ranch just west of the primary entry road in a mesquite flat. This location has older production in fair condition. Romac Oil Co. also has an older well on the east fence in the SE portion of the ranch holding a 640 acre lease. Having 4 locations on 10,298+/- acres is considered light. The ranch is quiet and mostly undisturbed from oil and gas traffic or activity.

Wind Energy: Owner has 100% of the wind rights. There was interest in the property as a potential wind farm, but the owner opted against development. There are no wind turbines in close proximity to the ranch.

Easements: North Texas O&G, LLC has a high pressure pipeline for natural gas and produced water running just inside the north fence parallel to Highway 380 in a good location. There is one older gas pipeline crossing the central portion of the ranch. No other pipelines have been observed which is very light for a ranch this size. There are no roadway easements impacting Comanche Crest. Fort Belknap Electric Co-op has an electric line and easement running close to an excellent location for building a home and headquarters. This scenic location is not too far off the primary road which is in excellent condition. Overall, the ranch does not have many easements and is a clean property.

Leases: Hunting lease expires on August 31, 2017 and was not renewed. Grazing lease can be terminated and cattle removed with 120-day written notification. Grazing tenant may be interested in continuing to run cattle. The hunting and grazing tenants have both taken care of the ranch so the wildlife is in very good condition and there is plenty of grass, forbs and browse.

Neighbors: The ranch is primarily surrounded by other large ranches. There are 3 neighbors being 100 acres, 160 acres and 800 acres which are located east of the subject property just south of Highway 380. Otherwise, ranches are of similar size to Comanche Crest with some being larger. This is big ranch country boasting large cattle operations.

Additional Acreage: There is approximately 2953+/- acres immediately south of Comanche Crest that is FOR SALE. This property would make a nice addition by adding more scenic draws and rougher terrain. The properties share 4 miles of fence making this a perfect fit. Asking price for the 2953+/- acres is $1395 per acre ($4,119,435). Combined acreage would be an impressive 13,251+/- acres. Call for additional information.

Utilities: Fort Belknap Electric Cooperative provides electricity to two hunting camp locations with numerous scenic building locations nearby. Underground water is spotty in this area and there are currently no water wells on the ranch. See "Water" section above for more details about a new water well that was drilled close to the NW corner of the ranch, rural water, water catchment systems and other possible water sources.

Taxes: Annual property taxes are approximately $8,500. Property is agriculturally exempt.

Comments: Sixteen (16) sections of quality land located in the desirable ranching and hunting area of Throckmorton County. This is a unique and high-quality ranch that is reasonably priced. Ranches of this quality do not become available very often.

Price: $1346 per acre($13,861,108)

Blake Hortenstine, Listing Broker/ Partner
214-616-1305 mobile

Jack Fauntleroy, Throckmorton Agent
940-550-4432 mobile

Cash McWhorter, Broker/ Partner
469-222-4076 mobile


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