Exceptional Hunting on Fannin County Ranches

Exceptional Hunting on Fannin County Ranches

Fannin County ranches has unparalleled hunting and tremendous investment value. Fannin offers approximately 250,000 acres for hunting each year.  From turkey and dove to duck, deer and feral hogs, hunting is excellent here!

Duck hunting is probably the largest in Fannin due to the amount of acres that have been put back into a wetlands environment.  In 2007, the largest tree planting in Fannin County history took place to aid in wetland preservation.  USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) planted over 600 acres of hardwood trees on the Mark Buster and Pintail Farms Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) acreage in Northeast Fannin County near the Red River. In total about 3,300 acres in Fannin County has been restored to wetlands, native prairie and timber under the WRP program.

We had the opportunity to go duck hunting on a Fannin County ranch that we manage, Cloverdale Ranch. The cold weather was perfect for duck hunting.  We walked away with limits of mallards and teal!

Fannin County Duck Hunting

Fannin County also offers deer hunting with strong trophy potential. We have seen several bucks on our Cloverdale Ranch game camera. The increase in deer is believed to be due to the hunting restrictions that began in 2002.  The October 2014 edition of Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine reports that the restrictions are leading to better antler production in the area.  The primary goal was to improve the age structure of the buck herd, increase hunter opportunity and encourage landowners and hunters to become more actively involved in better habitat management.  We have since seen deer numbers steadily increase countywide and statewide.

Buck at Cloverdale Ranch

We are not only seeing more deer, we are seeing large trophy bucks. Last weekend, Jason Sluder made history for Fannin County.  Sluder, who lives in Bonham and hunts on family-owned property, found unbelievable photos on his game camera that he placed to scout his hunting spots before deer season opened. The photos revealed a large non-typical whitetail buck—Sluder said he had never seen one with antlers that big before. The antlers were officially scored for the Texas Big Game Awards and had 18 scorable points and nearly 50 inches of mass measurements.  Most mature Texas bucks have around 30-33 inches of mass measurements.  This is the biggest whitetail buck ever reported from Fannin County!

Huge Whitetail Buck

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